Casa John

Travel Information:

Passports and visas:
Visas for South Africans are no longer required. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

Procedure at border:
On arrival at the SA Border Post fill in attached form... and have it stamped at 1st counter, then proceed to have your passports stamped at 2nd counter. Ensure to list all items (e.g. radios, fridges, boats, etc) that will be returning with you to SA as a temporary import. Proceed to Mozambique Border Post where you will be given a gate pass.

Obtain compulsory car and trailer insurance from the insurance kiosks outside on the left (± R150 per car, +-R75 per trailer). Proceed to offices on the right. In the office fill in passport forms (also attached...) and hand in at 1st counter on your right as you enter. A payment of R17 per passport is required.

It is very important to have your original car registration papers. If not available due to HP agreement obtain a letter from the bank stating you are entitled to take the vehicle out of the country. This applies to trailers as well.

Proceed outside and find a guard to inspect your vehicle and sign your gate pass.

NB: You are only allowed a certain quota of liquor so be aware they will be looking for more. You may now proceed to the gate where you must produce the stamped gate pass.

Driver's licenses:
These must be carried at all times and it is very important to stick to the speed limit, especially through the little villages. General speed limit is 120 but slow down to 60 going through towns. Seat belts must be worn.

If you are stopped by the police do not be intimidated but try and be pleasant. Remember you are a guest in their country.

If towing a vehicle, a triangle must be attached to the front of the car as well as to the rear of the trailer.

You are required to carry a safty vest and two red emergency triangles in case your vehicle breaks down.

Office tel: 011 824 3695
Office fax: 011 824 4326
Cell: 082 451 7498

Tofo, Mozambique 2352'13.51"S 3533'9.83"E